Alexander Vick

Verso l’alto!

Where I serve

I serve as a first-year missionary at Troy University in Troy, Alabama where I specialize in athlete outreach & ministry. Go Trojans!

My Story

When I got to college at Auburn University (War Eagle!), I was on fire for my faith. However, I quickly became very isolated and did not go out of my way to participate in my faith beyond the bare minimum. I struggled to find a community that I felt like I fit into and this led to a lot of dark times for me. I was a member of the rugby team, and I saw a culture that teaches young men that they need certain worldly pleasures and achievements to be accepted.

By the grace of God, I was a member of a FOCUS bible study and had two incredible bible study leaders that really poured into me and helped me to break out of my shell. They introduced me to the Catholic student organization and helped me to feel God’s call to go deeper in my faith. One of them has become a current FOCUS missionary!

When one of the missionaries walked with me even further in how I could lead others in their faith, I fell in love with Christ’s call for evangelization and the process of showing unconditional love to others. My heart breaks for the students who cannot find community and the athletes who feel that their value is based only on achievement, and so I answered the call to minister to these groups.

Your Impact

In one of the oldest Christian traditions, my ministry is provided for solely by God’s will acting through the generous financial & spiritual support of others. I can not go on mission in such a dedicated way as a full-time missionary without the kindness of my support team. By supporting my mission, you step onto campus through me, making an impact and touching lives who may never hear the Good News without your generosity. If you would like to support my mission spiritually, financially, or in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would love to schedule a meeting to share Christ’s message of the Great Commission with you!

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