Elizabeth Joslyn

Hi! I’m Lizzy, and I’m a fourth-year FOCUS missionary. It’s my job and my joy to share the Gospel with college students.

Where I serve

I am a missionary at Missouri Science and Technology. For the past two years, I have served at Indiana University (IU) in Bloomington.

My Story

There is a deeply rooted belief in me that relationships with people can fill the aching, never-ending gap in my life. At a young age, movies promised me a sweeping romance that would heal and quench this thirst. This continued into my college years, where I delved into anything that glimmered with that promise.

Finally, after years of being hurt and disappointed by others’ ability to fill me, my heart was exhausted.

Toward the end of my sophomore year of college, a few sorority sisters encouraged me to attend a retreat through the Newman Center at Mizzou, where I was an undergraduate student. There, I discovered that my burning desire to be pursued passionately was good, and it could be filled completely. In the simple glow of Eucharistic adoration for the very first time, my heart met a God who burned to take on a body just to give Himself to me intimately every day. I was, as I had thought, created for a relationship–a perfect, intimate, divine relationship.

Coming home to Jesus and His precious Church has been nothing short of an adventure; it lead me to happily throw away any plans I thought I had for post-grad and become a Catholic missionary. Serving with FOCUS for the past two years has allowed an ever-deepening communion with Jesus. I am truly an entirely new woman.

Your Impact

People are HUNGRY for the infinite, and this hunger shows itself very obviously on college campuses. It’s also an extremely formative time in one’s life; these young people are the future of our world.

We are all longing for intimacy, passion, adventure and love, so come with me on this journey to find it in your own life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me; I’d love to talk with you, hear your story and invite you to be a part of this mission prayerfully and / or financially.

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