John Sollohub

“Be who you are and be that well, as a testimony to the master craftsmen, whose handiwork you are.”- St. Francis de Sales

Where I serve

I serve part-time at the University of Alabama as a full-year intern while I complete my undergraduate studies! I am blessed to be able to walk with my classmates and fellow UA students for my final year at the Capstone as we pursue both academic excellence and a deep encounter with our LORD.

My Story

I have been blessed to have had Jesus in my life since day one. I am the only child of two very devoted parents, who instilled in me that faith comes first, and everything else follows. From when I was three years old until I was a senior in high school, I received a Catholic education. Through this education, I fell in love with the intellectual tradition of Catholicism. As the years progressed my academic curiosity evolved into a true relationship with our LORD, Jesus Christ. It was during middle and high school that I saw many people my age start to consciously neglect their faith, but my head and my heart would not let me. I knew my faith was true and I was meant to be with Christ then, now, and forever.

Years later when I came to the University of Alabama I got involved with a FOCUS Bible Study, and God blessed me with the best group of men to help me grow as a man and as a Catholic. In my sophomore year, I began leading my own Bible study and walking with a few young men in discipleship. I fell in love with these men and being able to share the blessings that I have been given with them. Now I am here beginning my first year with FOCUS, looking to find more opportunities to share the blessings Christ has so graciously given to me, with others.

Your Impact

I truly believe that our world can come to know Christ through the college campus, and you are now an integral part of this mission. Thank you for trusting in the LORD by means of supporting me and all my fellow FOCUS missionaries as we look to help others know, love, and serve God. If you have any questions about my mission, the mission of FOCUS at large, or if there is any way I can pray for you, please let me know! You can text or call me at 256-529-3837 or email me at [email protected].


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