Kasey Wainwright

Hey! I’m Kasey Wainwright.

I am a FOCUS Missionary!

“Do Ordinary Things with Extraordinary Love”

St. Teresa of Calcutta

Where I serve

I am so blessed that God has called me to serve college students in Detroit, Michigan! I am so excited to be serving alongside my amazing teammates, Jessica Castro, Kyle Skoumal, Nataleigh Liddy, and Victor Fenik. The way that the Lord has already changed my life through FOCUS is unbelievable and I can’t wait to share more of my story with you! If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to contact me at 641-799-8259! I would love to talk to you!

My Team (left to right): Fr. Matthew Hood; Kyle Skoumal; Nataleigh Liddy, Jessica Castro, Kasey Wainwright (me), Victor Fenik

My Story

As an incoming freshman at the University of Iowa (GO HAWKS!), I was excited to start a new adventure but at the same time I was terrified. Not only was my freshman year during the start of COVID, but I had never been away from home and I began to feel isolated and afraid. I had grown up Catholic but because of the people around me and the distance from home, I began to stray from my faith. I still believed in God, but I also began to believe that He did not want to hear from me. This caused me to fill up my time with numerous activities and friends, so I could distract myself from the fact that I didnt feel complete. In reality, I felt empty. I did not know who I was, but more importantly, I did not know who God was.

After a while, I worked up the courage to walk into my Newman Catholic Student Center. Through the kindness and gentle guidance of the friends I made there, and the FOCUS missionaries, I began to understand who God was. He is not a God who wants to judge and punish you, but instead a Good Good Father who seeks only to love and have a relationship with you. Looking back at the past year I realized that in the moments when I felt most alone, God was always with me. He was always willing, and still is, to love me inspite of my mistakes and shortcomings. He is always willing to meet me where I am at. Throughout my four years at the University of Iowa, I became more involved in bible studies and discipleship, all which continued to nourish the graces that the Lord had given me. Slowly and patiently, God led me to FOCUS. I decided to say yes to His call to mission because I want every student to feel the joy and the love that I felt when I encountered Jesus. To know that their identity is not rooted in what they accomplish, but in who they are. As Fr. Mike Schmidt said “How can I let what Jesus did for me go to waste?” I am so blessed and humbled that the Lord has allowed me to embark on this journey, and needless to say, there is so much more to my story that I would love to share with you! Thank you for taking the time to read just a tiny fraction of the ways the Lord has transformed my life.

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. I’ve been blessed with the most amazing people who have journeyed with me as I serve on campus. If you are interested in partnering with me, please let me know of the best way to reach you and I will schedule an appointment. I’d be honored to share this mission with you. As Mother Teresa said, “Some give by going, others go by giving.” I am so grateful that you have taken the time to read this, and please know that I am praying for you always!

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