Katherine Castaneda

Hey! My name’s Katherine and I am a FOCUS missionary.

Where I serve

I am currently serving at the University of Texas in Austin! 

My Story

I first truly encountered Jesus Christ in college when learning to read Scripture. After that, I thought to myself, what now? As I explored the Bible, I felt a burning in my heart that left me desiring to know more. But I didn t know what the next steps were, and I didn t know how to tangibly live out His call. I reflected on when he told his disciples Follow me, but didn t think I could be one of them. In college, I was surrounded by friends, a member of my sorority, and worked hard in school. However, I felt like something was missing. Since I didn t know what it looked like to be a young woman who radically followed Christ, I struggled with finding good leadership and community. I rooted myself in what people thought of me, my grades, and finding the perfect corporate job. By junior year, I had accepted an offer with my dream company, yet still felt unfulfilled and lacked peace in my life. When I finally realized I wanted to tangibly live out my faith and give everything to God, I started to search for truth. By diving deeper into scripture, reading, listening to podcasts, and experiencing the sacraments again, I realized that the Lord was calling me to serve Him in a greater, more radical way. Allowing Jesus Christ to enter into every part of my life has transformed my heart to see Christ in every individual I encounter. We are all searching for fullness, and I realized that nothing on this earth would fully satisfy me. We all desire to be seen, known, and loved, which can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Through daily prayer and daily sacraments, I have encountered true joy and true peace in a way that has changed my life forever. I see the world with an entirely new lens and I have never been so sure of my purpose! Jesus has called me to this and it is the greatest honor I have ever received. By saying yes to God s call to FOCUS, I am privileged to serve young adults in college who are searching for this same fulfillment, peace, and truth. I believe in the power of community and leadership that is centered around Christ, and hope to foster a safe and life-giving community at the University of Texas. My job is to serve and introduce young adults to the love of Jesus Christ. My mission is to walk with them, invite them into my life, help them develop a consistent prayer life, and equip them to become disciples who strive to share the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission with joy!

Your Impact

When I said yes to FOCUS, I also said yes to fully relying on God to provide for me financially and spiritually through the generosity and sacrifice of my mission partners. They are the reason I am able to get to campus and fulfill God s call to the Great Commission! Each one of them are on the journey with me as I spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young adults. If you are interested in hearing more about my story, my mission, and about FOCUS, please let me know the best way to reach you and I will schedule an appointment. It would be an honor to share my mission with you.

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