Tyler Weber

Hey! My name’s Tyler. I’m a FOCUS missionary.

Where I serve

I consider it one of the greatest honors of my life to have served the campuses of Tulane University (2014-2017), The University of Oklahoma (2017-2019), and Wichita State University (2019-Present).

My Story

Deep within every human heart there lies a cry. For me, this cry would remain dormant for most of my life, until the latter stages of my college career when I attended my very first retreat in 2011. And to this day, that retreat has served as the fulcrum for the rest of my story, because it set into motion a series of choices that put me in position to consider “the stuff on the inside.” After that retreat, the sound of the cry of my own heart grew, and grew, and grew. My need for silence and reflection was getting louder. Prayer became the only space that would allow me to recognize, express, and embrace my growing desire for God. My experience of life quickly gained momentum and energy through the discovery of prayer. After college, I would go on to work for 9 months in my field of study, radiology. It was during those 9 months that I recognized I was outgrowing the environment that I was in. I wanted a bigger story and was craving more time dedicated to prayer, formation, and evangelization. So there I was, at a crossroads. I will never forget May of 2014. It was then that I found myself jumping off a spiritual cliff into my first great adventure. True adventure always requires risk, so that is what I did. I interviewed with FOCUS and quit my job all within a matter of 6 days. The cliff I jumped off of was the script that the world had given me. And the free-fall that followed (falling into God’s hands) has been and remains the most life-giving thrill I’ve ever experienced. As I look back over the last 8 years, I get chills. God is never outdone in generosity. I have lived more life in the last 8 years than most people do in a lifetime. God is beyond good. If you are reading this, take a risk and jump into His hands, you will not be disappointed. To close, I will state that it is my personal life mission to awaken this “cry of the heart” for God in as many college students as humanly possible!

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. I never go on mission alone; I plant the flag on campus in the name of my mission partners who are the backbone of everything that happens in this mission. If you are interested in partnering with me, please do not be afraid to contact me via phone or email to schedule an appointment. I’d be honored to share this mission with you. Let’s go make disciples!

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