Andrei-Dominic Regorgo

“If you were who you were meant to be, you would set the world on fire” -St. Catherine of Siena

Where I serve

Hey everyone! My name is Andrei Regorgo and I am proud to share that God has called me to serve my second year in Denver, Colorado as a FOCUS missionary! My first year in Cheney WA, was a blast and I am extremely excited to what the Lord has to offer this coming year. Below is a photo with my new team, and we will be serving the Auraria campus in Denver. IMG 7121

My Story

I have been Catholic my whole life but it really wasn’t until recently when I had a true reversion to the faith…

Growing up there were many challenges and obstacles that have really shaped who I am today, and through the grace of God I have been able to learn and grow as a person. Throughout grade-school and highschool I fulfilled my Sunday obligations and went to confession here and there but I was very much in a state of complacency in my faith. Getting caught up in the college scene at Arizona State University (ASU) was both a blessing and a curse. There I chased the temptations of the world, striving to find my fulfillment in worldly desires and all it had to offer. But this was also the time when I was welcomed and loved by the ASU Catholic Newman Center when I needed it the most. It wasn’t until my senior year when I truly dove deep into men’s group formation, authentic friendship, discipleship, divine intimacy and learned what it truly means to be an authentic Christian. This past year was truly when I heard God’s call through prayer and discernment to be a FOCUS missionary to encounter souls, and to be a true witness to Jesus Christ.

My story is too common among the students on college campuses, and is where the necessity and significance of being on mission comes to life. I hope and pray to encounter the same people who were in my shoes and to give them the same loving community that I was given during my time in college.

Your Impact

In recognizing my need to radically trust in our Lord, I was/am still called to serve and represent the Church in all Her majesty. Our blessed Mother Mary modeled this for us so perfectly with great humility, purity and perfection. Her yes to love and serve Jesus Christ is truly a gift, and what a privilege it is to have her as our role model. And so this is my yes, though imperfect and flawed as we are, I invite you to the same mission and together we can know Christ Jesus and fulfill the great commission. If there is one soul that I can encounter and lead them to the joy of the gospel, that itself is worth more than any material thing that the world can give. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Know that you are in mine. God bless!

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