Brendan Burke

Every day is a gift and I’m blessed to have one more to serve the Lord!!

Where I serve

I get the privilege of serving at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO!  It is 30 minutes outside of St. Louis.  I am working with the branch of FOCUS, Varsity Catholic, and I am ministering to the male athletes! Lindenwood NST 2023


My Story

A couple of months before graduating from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, I gave my yes to becoming a FOCUS missionary.  I have been incredibly blessed by the missionaries that I encountered while I was a student, and my hope is to share the Gospel with so many people at Lindenwood.

Studying Theology and Catechetics has given me a solid foundation for evangelization and I know that the Lord will continue to deepen my faith as I dive into full-time Campus Ministry.  I believe that the continual transformation of my heart through the love of Jesus has prepared me to preach His name to those who have yet to encounter Him!

With my college baseball background, I am in a unique spot to be able to accompany the athletes I work with as they deepen in their relationship with the Lord. Already in the first several months of being here, I have witnessed steady growth in faith for those I am serving and it is so exciting!

Your Impact

The journey I have embarked upon is one filled with great joys as well as challenging times.  I ask that you would please pray for me and for all of those that I come into contact with.  Alongside the spiritual support, I invite you to join me on mission through financial support.  Your generosity and your yes would help make me fully available to minister to students! Together we can make a powerful impact on the lives of these young people so that they may become life-long disciples of Jesus! Alongside that, they will go out to form their families and communities to be the next generation of believers!

Thank you for your love and faithfulness to the Lord! You are amazing and may God bless you!

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