Caleb Mitchell

But how are men to call upon him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher?

Romans 10:14

Where I serve

I will be serving at K-State as I wrap up my bachelors degree in Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering and then will be placed at my new university in January. I am super excited to be serving here and can’t wait to get started! God bless and GO CATS!

My Story

I was born and raised Roman Catholic, but once I was done with Bible school, I really didn’t do much to stay active in my faith. I didn’t have a community in my faith at all, and we are all made for community, so this was a difficult time for me. I only went to church because my parents made me, as many unfortunately experience. This didn’t change until the end of my sophomore year at K-State.

During those first couple of years of college, I fell deep into party culture and into a consistent pattern of getting drunk from Wednesday through Saturday. This really pulled me into a spin of not liking life and lacking confidence in myself and in everything I did. This had a significant impact on me, leading to anxious and depressive episodes. I felt like my life was in shambles, and unfortunately, it was. This disordered quest for relationships with the people around me was pulling me down.

Soon after realizing this, I remember being at Mass, staying after to pray, and breaking down crying because I was really unhappy with the way my life was going. In that prayer, I asked God to take the people out of my life who didn’t really care about me. He did, and those were some of the hardest moments in my life, but what came from it was better than I could have ever imagined. In that process, I met some of my best friends, and some of the friends I had before became people that I grew extremely close with. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me to this day.

That led me to going on a mission trip my and doing Exodus 90 during the second semester of my junior year. These things completely changed my life. Exodus was the first time I had an intentional conversation with the Lord that wasn’t me asking for help or pleading for mercy. Peru was something I could have never expected. I really got to encounter the Lord there through all the locals that we were helping. I took much more from that mission trip than the help I gave. That was one of the first times in at least a year that I felt free to be myself.

The people around me received me with a lot of love and care, and I will be forever grateful to those who went on that mission trip with me and those who helped me get there. That trip really opened my eyes to being a son of God and that He loves me so dearly, that He died for me, that He gives me what I do not deserve but what I am worth, and that is love. This is what the Gospel is. This has affected me so much, and I can’t wait to share it with more of God’s people. To find those who are lost like I was and help them to know God through Christ Jesus.

Your Impact

With your support I will be able to live on mission full time, this has been an incredibly amazing journey and I am so excited to continue to share the Gospel with those who I am able to encounter. God will provide for me through his generous people. Whether supporting me financially for me or through prayer I would like to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about my story and may God bless you!

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