Caroline Vitkovitsky

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m a first year missionary at the U.S. Naval Academy!

Where I serve

I’ve been called to serve at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for me and the Midshipmen I’ll have the blessing of getting to know!

My Story

I grew up Catholic and felt close to the Lord throughout most of my childhood. But in my teens, I was confronted with some challenging situations and lost trust in God’s plan for me. Unable to see Him working even in the mess, I wrestled with my faith and eventually fell away from it for a short time. However, I was blessed to go to a wonderful Catholic high school that not only formed me in my faith but even more importantly, provided some amazing Catholic role models. They taught me how to rebuild my personal relationship with God, rather than focusing on an arbitrary list of dos and don’ts.

Thanks to these incredible men and women and an unfathomable amount of grace, by the time I graduated high school, God had won my heart back to Him. However, I still carried deep wounds and struggled to trust Him and the people around me. During my college years, I was surrounded by loving, authentic friendships and guidance, which ultimately led me to a place where I could admit my own brokenness and finally accept the healing that the Lord had been offering me all along. This deeper conversion brought to the surface of my heart a longing to be fully, fearlessly known.

I believe that this desire is one written in every human heart and that it points us to God, who gave it to us so that He might fulfill it. Our lives can become too busy or perhaps too painful, and we can push down our ache to be seen, known, and loved, but it never truly goes away. 

Having spent the last several years on a college campus, I’ve seen this play out time and time again in myself and in the students around me. As a FOCUS missionary, I hope, with God’s grace and your generous support, to help college students recognize this longing and find the God who longs even more to satisfy it.

Please check out the link below to send me on mission with your prayerful and financial support!

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