Cassie Leach

Hey! My name’s Cassie.

I’m a FOCUS Hospital missionary.

Where I serve

The Lord has called me to serve in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a Hospital Missionary with FOCUS for the next 3 years. This is a new position and I am very grateful for this opportunity. My degree is in Health Services Management so I know that I will be able to use the skill I have learned to relate to the staff I will be walking with. In this role, I will be sharing the Gospel with doctor’s and nurses and teaching them how to evangelize. I am excited to see where The Lord takes us in this new endeavor. God also called me to serve 2 years with college students at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Benedictine is a Catholic Campus with over 2,000 students. It was a wonderful experience filled with healing and restoration. I made such good friendships at BC. I know the Lord placed me there for many reasons and I have seen the fruit. I know this experience helped me to prepare to become a hospital missionary.

My Story

I became involved in the Catholic Student Organization midway through my college career after having searched for my worth and identity in other unhealthy avenues on the college campus. I miraculously became involved in a bible study and started discipleship with FOCUS where I learned my identity is rooted in Christ, discovered what true authentic friendship looks like, found how the Sacraments bring us life, how Jesus mercy is endless and realized that I m not alone in my struggles.

I started to develop a consistent prayer life and participated more frequently in the Sacraments. That is where everything started to change in my life. After my re-conversion, I felt a desire to share my story and evangelize in my sorority and on campus. I started my own bible study and began forming other women into the Catholic faith.

I have received an abundance of joy and grace when using the gifts He has given me to evangelize on campus. I began to discern FOCUS and He affirmed my calling to continue this journey in mission work. Now, I am hired to start this adventure as a missionary. The Lord s timing is perfect and I wouldn t have planned it any other way. Praise God for His promises!

Your Impact

As a missionary I have the opportunity and adventure of raising my salary. Support raising is extremely biblical and practical as Our Lord allowed His own friends to provide support as well as many of the prophets. I am grateful to participate in this mission and to bring you into this evangelization in a unique way. I could not nor would I want to partake in this mission alone. That is why I would love for you to join me with your gifts to evangelize with me on the college campus.

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