Chad Coates

Hi there! I’m Chad and I serve as a FOCUS Missionary at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Where I serve

“As they led him away they took hold of a certain Simon, a Cyrenian, who was coming from the country; and after laying the cross on him, they made him carry it behind Jesus.” Luke 23:26

Our world is a broken one in which suffering abounds. Whether we know this through our own lived experience, news headlines, or through the experiences of those close to us, the sobering reality is that we are in desperate need of a redeemer.

So many of our brothers and sisters walk through life suffering in silence as they trudge the hill of Calvary alone, without their Simon. Like Christ, their closest friends and family may not know of their suffering–as this is often the case–yet the pain remains and can deepen in their time at college.

Christ’s burden was lightened by a stranger, traveling in from the country. Except for John, Jesus’ closest brothers–His disciples whom He poured out His life for–could not be found in His most vulnerable moments; yet it was with a stranger that He shared his cross.

My prayer is to be that Simon of Cyrene for those who are in desperate need of Christ–to meet them on their ascent to Calvary–and to point to Him who was crucified first.

I am beyond blessed to serve students in Lincoln, Nebraska and to reveal–as it has been revealed to me–that where suffering abounds, there Grace abounds more so.

My Story

“From her little cell, as from a broadcasting station, wonderful waves escape night and day. The souls whom they reach are unaware of their origin. They merely murmur: “Someone has prayed for me.”

April 3, 2021 — the day that I was received into the Catholic Church and the day that my life was changed forever. I converted to the faith during my senior year at the University of Kansas, finding Christ through great literature (Flannery O’Connor, Willa Cather, Tolkien, etc.), and in great mentors. It was through literature that I encountered the touch of the Spirit, and through the prayer of my mentors that I received the kiss of Christ on my soul.

The call to FOCUS came two years later, in March 2023, as I was pursuing a CPA career in Chicago. I attribute this call to not only the souls whom I know on this side of the grave, but to the souls in eternity–who in full communion with the Divine Trinity–spend their time in heaven praying for those of us on earth.

Through the prayers of a little French saint, the Divine Heart of Christ has been revealed to me in an inarticulable way. In her intercession, I have received the gentle embrace of the Spirit–a connection that cannot be explained, but only experienced in the depths of the heart–in which her prayers echo in harmony with the whispers of the eternal trinity. It is this resonance within the chambers my soul that I have received this call, and in that eternal embrace that I pray to answer it.

Your Impact

In saying yes to this mission, I have also said yes to becoming spiritually and financially dependent on the monthly generosity of mission partners. It would be my joy for you to join me on this great commission.

If you would like to learn more about this call and how you can support me through spiritual and financial giving, I would love to set an appointment with you to discuss. Please reach me at [email protected]

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us!

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, pray for us!

St. Charles de Foucauld, pray for us!

St. Thomas the Apostle, pray for us!

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