Daniel Payne

“The load, or weight, or burden of my neighbor’s glory should be laid daily on my back, a load so heavy that only humility can carry it, and the backs of the proud will be broken.” C.S. Lewis, Weight of Glory

Where I serve

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Above is the Team! Left to right: Laura, Chase, Lizzie, and I


I’ve spent 3 years in Massachusetts at Assumption University and now I’m serving my 2nd Year at Towson University in Maryland. You can find me at a variety of spots on campus: hanging out in the Student Union, playing pick-up soccer at Burdick field, or at the Newman Center on York Road. Jesus has blessed me abundantly throughout my life on the highest of mountains and lowest of valleys. If you ever see me on campus, ask about my story. I’d love to share.

My Story

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This was my last bible study last year at the local reservoir


When I was growing up, I always thought that going to church on Sundays and being a good person was enough for God. However, when my parents separated during my early high-school years and eventually divorced, I began to fall away from the little faith that I had. I attempted to find fulfillment in worldly things such as romantic relationships, sports, and video games, but nothing filled the God sized hole in my heart.

It wasn’t until January 5th, 2018 during a FOCUS conference in Chicago that I first listened with the ear of my heart during Eucharistic adoration. I was overwhelmed by the thousands of college students all around me singing, sobbing, and giving over everything to God. The feeling for me inside was so underwhelming. I closed my eyes and tried to pray. For the first time I listened to God. Do you know what God did? He listened too.

In this moment I found that I had never took the time to listen to God before. He allowed a cool wave of peace, grace, confidence to wash over me during this intimate encounter. Shortly after, I felt called to sign up for a new mission with FOCUS called Summer Projects. This 10 week program radically changed my life, but most importantly it taught me how to love. Not with my own love, but with Christ-centered love. This is where my furor and zeal for Jesus flowed which kindled a deep desire to share His love with others.

Your Impact

The vision that God has given me to fulfill the Great Commission is to intentionally pour my time, prayer, and unconditional love in a few just like others have done with me. To listen to them, to experience joy with them, to experience sorrow with them, and to share life together. Countless people, specifically men, did this for me during my college career. They listened to me, and most importantly invited me into living a virtuous life with them in Jesus Christ. Through intentional investment of a few, it can reach the many. Intentionally pouring yourself out into 2 or 3 others in order to strive for sainthood together can have an everlasting ripple effect in eternity that impacts billions of souls.

I not only invite you to join me reaching souls for Jesus Christ, but I invite you to be bold and step out onto the battlefield for souls. To the degree in which we answer this call souls will be won and souls will be lost. Will you step into the fray with me?


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