Gabriel Ramundo

Yooo, what’s going on as you can see my name is Gabriel Ramundo. I’m a FOCUS missionary



Where I serve

I am super excited to be serving the Lord at Duke University!! You’ll most definitely catch me walking around campus in either my Timberlands or in my cowboy boots. I’ll definitely be at the gym working out with the student or the fraternity house getting to know the boys. Love being here and running students in Spikeball.

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My Story

I grew up Catholic born and raised, my parents were super influential as a kid, and we attended Mass every Sunday as well as Religious Ed. During high school I fell into that worldly life and that bled into my time at the University of Tampa, after attending Suffolk County Community College in Long Island, New York. While at Tampa, I joined a fraternity (Phi Gamma Delta) and really dove into that college lifestyle.

The summer going into my senior year of college I stayed in Tampa and took some classes and worked a couple jobs. That put me in a rough spot, just being isolated from friends and family. Thats where the Lord really pulled me back into the Faith and it took off. Started going to Mass again and picked up a Bible and I haven’t looked back since. IMG 2196


Your Impact

After my reconversion, I felt the need to share the sheer beauty of the faith with all my fraternity brothers that were struggling with the same things as I was.

I saw it as a disservice to not share with them the Gospel and the beauty of the Church. While at Duke my main focus (lol) will be the fraternity men on campus to show them that

1. They are loved

2. That they are loved for who they are and not who they are expected to be

3. That they can have fun and be involved in the fraternity life without having to partake in the college temptations

I have some pretty incredible stories of how the Lord has worked in my life and I am excited to share this mission with you.

If you are interested in partnering with me on this mission, I would be ecstatic to setup an appointment with you.

Matthew 28:19

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