Mike Gearing

Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m a FOCUS Missionary!

Where I serve

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My Role

My role is now 100% dedicated to promoting, recruiting, and designing for SEEK! SEEK is our yearly conference, and during my time at MIT, UConn, and as a parish missionary, it radically changed the lives of so many people I walked with.

Since my introduction to FOCUS in 2012 and my time as a missionary since 2014, I’ve personally witnessed SEEK be a constant catalyst for heart-level change. SEEK was radically life-changing for my own faith journey and continues to be the crux of many people’s stories of coming back to Christ and His Church, which is why I’m so blessed for my mission work to be oriented towards SEEK.

Where I’ve Been

My wife, Julia and I have been on mission with FOCUS together since 2014. We have been able to share Jesus with all kinds of people in all different places in their faith. Before my work with SEEK, I was a missionary at MIT, Team Director at the University of Connecticut, and Church of the Magdalen in Wichita, Kansas.

My Story

We graduated college, ready for our careers, but was this it? We had dated since high school, but were confused why we couldn’t find complete fulfillment in one another. We were hanging on by a thread. We had a hole in our hearts that we had failed at filling on our own.

Julia and I were introduced to some FOCUS missionaries while she was a graduate student at the University of Connecticut. These missionaries were people who lived life unrestrained. They had a sense of peace, freedom and joy that neither of us had ever seen before. What was their secret? They knew the love and truth of a relationship with God. That year, through prayer and openness, we both had discovered a love that had been awaiting us patiently our entire lives. That love is the person of Jesus Christ. I (Mike) was received into the Church, and Julia, already a Catholic, returned to the faith with a fire in her heart.

Jesus then placed a desire within us to give our lives to Him and follow him as missionaries for His Church with FOCUS and share with the world the love we had received.

If we all discovered and lived fully the love that we were truly made for and went into the world changing the lives of others, think of how our world could be changed.

Your Impact

When we answered the call to join FOCUS, we made the decision to completely rely on the prayer and monthly financial support of mission partners to enable us to radically give of ourselves as missionaries full-time. We’ve been blessed with the most amazing people who have journeyed with us in this way. We are still in need of support! If you are interested in coming alongside us on mission with your monthly financial support, please let us know of the best way to reach you and we can set up a time to chat. We’d be honored to share this mission with you.

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Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

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Build Virtuous Friendships

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