Jake Leins

Where I serve

For two years I served at the University of Tennessee where I was leading bible studies, mentoring students on how to lead their own bible studies, praying with people all over campus, and inviting students to know Jesus by living as a Christian in an environment that says He is irrelevant. Now I am taking the mission of changing the lives of college students all around the world! I currently work as the Director of FOCUS Missions at the FOCUS Headquarters in Golden, CO. We organize over 135 mission trips to 30 different countries. These mission trips are focused not only on alleviating physical poverty but spiritual poverty as well. We can build a house or clean up a city, but in all reality, the only thing that will last is knowing you are loved by the God that created the world! I have seen the impact that international mission trips have had on myself, the students who attend, and the communities we serve. “Go therefore, and make disciples of ALL nations…” – Matthew 28:19.

My Story

I attended Colorado State University and carried on the family tradition of going to mass on Sunday, however that is all it was for me: a tradition. I lived wildly and from the outside had everything one could see I needed, except a spiritual life.  I got invited to a student led FOCUS bible study and for the first time encountered men my age who were truly striving to live lives of virtue and faith.  They inspired me to take my faith to the next level, however that didn t quite happen until two and a half years after joining the study.  At the end of those two and a half years of sporadic bible study attendance, and living on the fence about the whole God thing, I attended a FOCUS national conference and encountered Jesus in a radical way.  From then on I have been striving to be a man after God s own heart and bring as many people alongside me as possible.

My wife Kasey and I have been married since 2017, and have been blessed with three children: Fulton (Dec. 2017), Gemma (June 2019), and Eli (March 2021). Kasey is working as a full-time mom and is doing an amazing job. We live in Denver Colorado and love the outdoors!

Your Impact

During my senior year at CSU I no longer had the desire to be an engineer, however, I completed my studies in Civil Engineering. I felt God calling me to live a radical life for Him being a missionary, so I decided to turn down job offers as an engineer and explore that call.  I thought at first I would end up doing full-time international mission work, however, I have chosen to address the spiritual poverty in America that we all know exists in large quantities. Along with being a missionary comes relying on God and others to support the mission prayerfully, and financially.  Support raising is not a way for someone to give me money and run, but an invitation to our mission and to invest in the future of our young people domestically and internationally. The culture is changing rapidly, but the Holy Spirit drives sanctity all the more. I invite you to join me through your prayers and financial support to enter into the mission and take a stand for Jesus Christ and His Church. Some give by going, other go by giving. – St. Teresa of Kolkata. 

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FOCUS brings the joy of the Gospel to colleges and parishes across the United States (and beyond)!
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Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

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Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

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