Jared Spooner

Hey! My name’s Jared. I’m a FOCUS missionary.

Where I serve

God has called me to share my life with the students at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville. I am so honored to serve the amazing students and staff here with my team. (L to R) Jared, Sonja, Peter, Jaderial, and Nate. IMG 1506 I am excited to continue fostering relationships in hope that many souls come to encounter Jesus Christ. You will find me around St. Augustines University Parish, Newman Heights, or at university sporting events. I have a radical story about how Jesus changed my life and I would love to share it with you!

My Story

During my freshman year of college I was invited into a Bible study by a FOCUS missionary. In Bible study I learned that my true identity is given to us by God the father, who is a good father and I am his beloved son. As a collegiate athlete, this truth shook me to the core. I was exhausted from relentlessly trying to prove my worth to everyone I met. I was blessed with a group of men who challenged me to become the man I was created to be. This meant I had to look in the mirror and repent of the sinful lifestyle I was choosing. Jesus received me with an abundance of mercy. It was through this experience where I encountered Jesus. My prayer and mission are to bring Gods holy will, love and mercy itself to all those I encounter here at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville.

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. If you feel the Lord inviting you to join me on this mission. Please let me know how I can schedule an appointment with you. I am extremely honored to share this essential mission with you.



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