John Wang

“The devil strains every nerve to secure the souls which belong to Christ. We should not grudge our toil from wrestling them from Satan and giving them back to God.”

– Saint Sebastian

Where I serve

I will be serving my second year as a FOCUS missionary at the University of Pittsburgh as a full time Varsity Catholic missionary. You will be able to find me playing all sorts of sports around campus as well as running with athletes, helping out at sporting events, and hanging out with my incredible teammates throughout the year. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful people I am bound to meet, to share my journey with Christ and hear all their stories about how Christ has impacted them. Please feel free to reach out and we will be able to share our stories with one another!

My Story

As a missionary, I hope to help everyone discover just how prevalent Christ is in their lives. I never formed a true relationship with Christ growing up, and fell away from the faith in high school. During my last year attending Mount Saint Mary’s University, the FOCUS missionaries on campus kept me close and reintroduced me to the faith and that drastically changed my relationship with Christ. I found that happiness cannot be found in the material world, but is actually in accepting Jesus and allowing Him to change my heart. I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to help save those who are in a similar situation that I was in by showing them how Christ has truly changed my life to the core.

The virtues I picked up from being a Division 1 runner has granted me the graces to be able to seek out athletes who have also fallen away from the faith as I continue as a Varsity Catholic missionary. As an athlete, I understand the temptations that can pull one away from their faith so I am excited to show the student-athletes how they can pursue an even more excellent athletic career centered around Christ. I pray that my own story will be a beacon of light for those who lost their way, and that I may walk alongside them back to Christ’s arms. I cannot wait to see all the beautiful souls I will encounter on my journey in Pittsburgh during another year on mission.

As St. Sebastian stated, saving souls the devil has is the least we can do for the Kingdom of God! Satan hates every soul he does not have so wrestling them away from him should bring joy to every Christian out there. Help us get out there on the spiritual battlefield that is college campuses and enable us to bring Christ to those most in need!

Thank you for your time, and God bless you all!

Your Impact

Last year at the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO, the Holy Spirit worked wonders on the students lives. We went from a daily mass attendance of ~10 to over 70. We had six weekly bible studies averaging ten students per group. We had 8 students join the church on Easter. Finally, we had the community grow to a sustainable level where the students have taken over bible studies for the summer! Some of the students have now started a group called the Slaves of Love. This group will meet up over the summer and visit nursing homes, tend to the homeless, serve mass, and be there for one another whilst they are home. It has truly been a blessing to witness the movement of the hearts the Holy Spirit has touched!

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