Jose Caballero Gonzalez

Howdy! My name’s Jose and I’m a FOCUS missionary. Thanks for visiting my page! Please read on to learn a little more about me, my mission, and how you can join me in my mission for Christ!

Where I serve

I am currently on my 5th year serving God with FOCUS as a missionary. With FOCUS, I’ve had the privilege to serve as a missionary at Texas State University (1 year) and at the University of South Carolina (3 years) where I was also the Team Director; now, I get the opportunity to serve as a Regional Director with the South Area for 6 of our campuses in the state of Louisiana! Essentially, I provide support, vision, encouragement, and coaching to the missionaries on campus. As a Regional Director I also get to work daily with other leaders in the organization, allowing me to form and invest in the teams and leaders at Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Nicholls State University, McNeese State University, and Northwestern State University. It is a joy to continue serving in this mission to bring Jesus Christ to the world!

My Story

As a freshman in at Texas A&M University, I failed at searching for what I thought was true happiness! I did everything I could to find fulfillment and be loved by everything and everyone around me. I was desperate to fit into the mold of a man that this culture told me was good and successful. After a a couple of years (starting in High School) of desperately looking for this in athletics, alcohol, women, substances, leadership positions, or academics I was left devastated. Where could I ever find success, the meaning of masculinity, true love, and the fulfillment of all of my desires? It was then that a missionary and some students from the Catholic Center reached out to me through simple yet effective ways. They began eating meals with me, playing sports with me, and bringing me into their lives. Thanks to these friendships, and a lot of grace form God, I had the courage to go through RCIA and finish receiving my sacraments. These now close friends then invited me to join a Bible Study that ended up changing my life.


It was through this Bible Study that I was taught how to pray, read Scripture, and talk about Jesus and the Church with others. Soon after, I found myself going to the chapel daily to pray. Slowly, Jesus began to reveal himself to me in prayer and showed me how and why I hadn’t had any success in finding true happiness and fulfillment with the things of the world. He then began showing me the one place I would find it: Himself. I began to fall deeply in love with this God who loved me and thirsted to be with me. I wanted nothing more than to be in communion with God and to share Him with my peers.


As the years went on, God invited me to consider doing this full time and how could I decline? God uniquely gave me the opportunity to serve Him and make Him known with our future leaders, sharing Him with students in Universities across the country! Time and again, I have seen God do amazing things in college students lives simply because someone introduced a student to God via authentic friendships. And that is what I strive to do.

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS and follow Jesus Christ in such a radical way, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of generous mission partners to help me through this mission. So far in my four years as missionary, support raising has been one of the most tangible ways God has shown me His faithfulness and generosity. If this mission inspires you in any way, I want to talk to you! Please reach out to me personally either by phone 210-386-1016 or through email at [email protected]. It would be a privilege to have you partner with me in this life-changing mission!

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