Keith Enockson

Hi! I am Keith. My position in FOCUS allows me to build amazing relationships with people, to help them in their faith journey, as well as help bring in the much needed support to continue growing the FOCUS presence on college campuses and in parishes in the U.S. and across the globe.

Where I serve

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FOCUS PE Team (Summer, 2024)

I serve in the Denver area as a Philanthropy Officer in the Major Gifts Department.

Previously, I was the Marketing Director for Lifelong Mission. (FOCUS Alumni and FOCUS Parish)

My Story

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Family Trip to L.A. (2024)

I was a part of FOCUS (Campus Liaison) for a couple years, way back when I was in college.

The missionaries (Justin, Mark, Nicole, Nathan) really helped me through those collegiate years, and were instrumental in being positive role models and examples that helped shape me into the person I am today. They also played an instrumental part in helping my wife Laura in her journey of coming into the Catholic Faith.

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BMHS Practice (Spring, 2024)

After college Laura and I got married, I worked into the tv & marketing/media world, and we started our family here in Colorado.

Laura and I have 4 wonderful kids (Alexia, Blake, Nick, and Clare), and outside of supporting them all at their various school and sporting events, I am the head coach for the Bishop Machebeuf high school baseball program in Denver.

Your Impact

We are all called to know, love, and serve God through the means that He provides us while on earth.

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Interviewing Archbishop Samuel Aquila (October, 2023)

It was only when I began to pray with great intention (with the intercession of St. Rita) that God would use me and the gifts that He has given me, to be an example of His love and mercy for those that He is calling into a closer relationship with Him.

Without really even knowing what my prayer meant, or how God intends to continue to use me, I place all my trust in Him that whether it’s through your prayers, friendships, and/or financial support, we can continue to grow in our love of Him, and to play our part in growing the Kingdom of God.

FOCUS just so happens to be that conduit at this point in time, and my family and I are very grateful for any prayers and support!

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