Maclaine Noah

Welcome to the beginning of my dream come true.

Where I serve

Jesus has called me to continue to share the Gospel in an entirely new platform: social media. I am the Social Media Content Coordinator for the Marketing team. Working remotely in South Dakota for the Denver Support Center (FOCUS Nationals), I will be creating and posting all of our social media communication. And I get to do this with my support team, with YOU!

After my two years on campus at the University of South Dakota, I felt a tug to use my gifts in social media for FOCUS nationally. I began with FOCUS as a marketing intern, telling the story of missionaries over the summer. That began my time as the Social Media Committee Head for SLS20 and SEEK21, story telling to thousands of people. The three women with me pictured below have encountered social media in very different ways, but are all convicted of the power of the gospel digitally. I could talk about social media addiction and my conviction for freedom for hours. Just contact me if you have thoughts, too!

My Story

My Junior year of college, FOCUS came to Indiana University. It was then that my missionaries invited me into a joy that only occurs when Christ is the center of your life. I quickly desired to give to other students the truth, beauty, and goodness I had encountered at IU. My story is not perfect but it is one with many sanctifying crosses. Hope has never disappointed and will never disappoint my heart (Romans 5:5).

No matter how many ways I denied the truth of being a beloved daughter of God the Father, His love will always pursue me. In the end, becoming a saint is all I want, and all that requires is living in communion with God. I am a missionary because my hands are open as Mary’s were, ready to receive all that God desires to give me.

At this point we all know how much can be accomplished through the gift of technology (with 2020 being heavily online). But the majority of social media is promising happiness through consumption of products, pushing a culture of pornography, or comparing ourselves to everyone’s highlights. I’m in the business of changing that using FOCUS’ social media presence. We need a social revival.

Your Impact

My dependence on God has grown substantially since I have said yes to this mission. I realize every day the way I can only serve if I am supported and sent. That’s where you come in. I have a team of mission partners that support me financially and spiritually. I would love to connect over FaceTime, grab some coffee, or send you a quick email about how to become part of my mission serving and connecting with now thousands of social media followers.

You can also follow along with my work real time on our Instagram feed:

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