Madison Payne

The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.

– Pope Benedict XVI

Where I serve

Hi!!! I’m Madison and I’m a FOCUS missionary at the College of Charleston here in Charleston, South Carolina.

This is the first year FOCUS is at the CofC, so it has been a gift to walk with students in their day-to-day lives, learning with them and running towards Christ side by side.

I am serving as a Greek missionary, alongside my team, ministering primarily to the women in sororities on campus. The women of Greek life have played a significant role in deepening my relationship with Jesus, so it is an honor to serve God in this way.

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My Story

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This past May, I graduated from the University of Florida – Go Gators! During my third year at UF, I returned to campus seeking more for my life. An older girl in my sorority connected me with one of the FOCUS Missionaries at the Catholic student center.

After meeting over coffee, we quickly became friends. She invited me to join her bible study, and later, SEEK21. As a lost soul looking for purpose, identity, and fulfillment, I agreed (although mainly out of captivation of her). In Adoration at the conference, I encountered the life-changing love of Jesus Christ and knew that He had created me for more than the life I was currently living.

Following this encounter and Jesus’s personal invitation for me to follow Him, I grew in relationship with Him as various FOCUS Missionaries and students taught me how to pray, about the Sacraments, Church teaching, and invited me into community that placed relationship with God at the very center.

While I was involved with FOCUS for my remaining undergraduate years, I never truly considered joining staff as a missionary after graduation – that is, until I attended SEEK23. In the Spring, I was offered a full-time position at the local children’s hospital in Gainesville. I planned to apply to medical school for the majority of my academic career, so this was quite the opportunity. In St. Louis, however, I got a glimpse of what my life could look like through the eyes of a missionary. I was moved by the moral authority with which FOCUS Missionaries lead their lives and by the virtuous friendships I made on that conference. Despite being very much on the fence, I submitted an application.

During the following months, the Lord continued to help me grow in relationship with Him and heal me in incredible ways. Through His healing and pursuit of my heart, I became aware of my deep desire within to share the Gospel with others. Specifically, the desire to do so with FOCUS, the ministry which introduced me to Jesus and formed me so well!

Your Impact

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Thank you.

I am both honored and humbled by your generosity to glorify God! Your support, both financial and prayerful, will impact the lives of countless students who are seeking to understand who they are and what they believe at this pivotal time in their lives. Your witness to Christ is powerful and its fruits are only made possible through your “yes.”

I’d love the chance to meet and talk with you! If any of my story inspires you, please reach out to me personally either by phone (561) 379-8038 or through email at [email protected].

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