Mark Schuckman

Hey, I’m a FOCUS Missionary! Check out my story below!

Where I serve

For my first year as a FOCUS missionary, I am serving at the University of Colorado at Colorado-Springs! I’m super excited to meet many students on campus and at the newly built Newman Center and help them grow in authentic brotherhood, see God through His creation, and become the virtuous and holy Catholic people God is calling them to be!

My Story

During my time in college at Fort Hays State University, I was very involved with our Catholic Campus Center, where my faith really took off and I learned how to have consistent and meaningful prayer life. Influenced by role models of those around me and activities I was involved in, I continued growing in my faith to the point that I wanted to give back and help others come to know what I had found. Through teaching confirmation classes and serving as a camp counselor at a Catholic summer camp (shoutout Camp Wojtyla!!), I was able to do this, but I realized I still had a desire to do this even when college ended.

I decided to join FOCUS my senior year of college, when I was thinking about how I could continue serving the church and giving back after I graduated. I realized FOCUS is one of the best opportunities to serve the church at this point in my life, highlighted by the fact that I just finished college, meaning I can easily connect with students and know what they re going through.

I was blessed to continually be building my faith while in college, but I know that sadly this isn t the story for other students. Many college students either fall away from their faith while in college or never had one to begin with, so my goal is to change the statistic and make the outlier the norm- that students GROW in their faith while in college!

Your Impact

              That s why I m seeking out people like you that share this vision and want to be involved with making a difference! The way I see it, I ll be working as the boots on the ground on campus, but I couldn t do it without all those supporting and praying for me behind the scenes. As it says in Matthew 9:37, The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, meaning there are many college students out there who would greatly benefit from FOCUS missionaries reaching them to share with them the gospel. You can help play a role in this by supporting the laborers so we can fully focus on our mission and invest wholeheartedly in the students. I m seeking monthly mission support partners so that I can receive the necessary funds allowing me to successfully engage in this missionary work, but also so you can have an active role in this great mission and receive all the graces and joys that follow. Just as several of the early Christian churches, like the Philippians, supported the first great missionary Paul so that he could focus on the ministry full-time, so also those supporting me allow me to fully focus on reaching students, walking with them in their faith journey, and ultimately winning souls!

Hopefully you agree with me that this is a critical issue that needs people actively working to shift the momentum. If so, I want to personally invite you to become a part of my mission support team, as we work to share the news of Jesus with many college students to radically change their lives!

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