Megan Dukes

Hi! I’m Megan, and I’m a FOCUS Missionary!

Where I serve

I’m blessed to serve at Auburn University alongside my teammates Sam, Mike, Andrew, Marisa, & Paige. War Eagle!

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My Story

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC, and went to the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!). I was so excited for my college years- they were always presented to me as what would be the best of my life and where I would find my place and purpose in this world. Throughout college, though, I underwent huge battles with my mental health and with finding that purpose. I felt immense pressure from the world around me to be so many things that I wasn’t in order to be happy. These pressures eroded everything I thought I knew about myself. I could only manage to keep my grades up- I isolated myself from my friends, my family, and more than ever, from my previously strong relationship with Jesus. My first and second years of college were muddled with anxiety for the future and low motivation to find any purpose at all. In the emptiness and brokenness of my life, I truly believed there wasn’t one.

In the middle of my sophomore year at USC, I really got to know the FOCUS missionaries. Two of them in particular, who I formed amazing friendships with right off the bat. I didn’t make it easy for them, but my missionaries worked every day to walk with me through the hardest days, like no one ever had. I joined a bible study and discipleship, and slowly started reordering my life back to Jesus. And while I didn’t do it perfectly, and my struggles didn’t end for good my sophomore year, my life started to feel less and less empty. In healing, I started to understand my identity as a daughter of Christ, who was not made for this world, but for one I haven’t seen yet. And in growing more and more convicted of this identity, I have finally been able to find that purpose of my life that I wasn’t sure existed, and I have found peace in entrusting it to Jesus.

Your Impact

I want to be for students what my missionaries were for me- an authentic friend, and a witness to the powerful love and healing of life with Christ. God has called me to serve students at Auburn, but in order to be sent, I am relying on mission partners for prayers and financial support. I am excited to invite you into this mission with me- if you are interested in joining my support team, please reach out! I have a pretty fun story of how I became a missionary, and I would love to share more of it with you!



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