Patrick Julian

It is good that you exist.

Where I serve

Hello! My name is Patrick Julian and I am ecstatic to be a FOCUS missionary! The Lord has called me to serve at Doane University in Crete, Nebraska! I am looking forward to living “the good life” with my brothers and sisters in Christ in the Cornhusker State!IMG 2293

My Story

I am profoundly grateful to my parents for instilling in me a strong foundation of the Catholic faith during my upbringing. However, it was not until I entered college that I began to truly take my faith seriously. I attended Loras College, a small Catholic liberal arts school in Dubuque, Iowa, where I double majored in marketing and sports management, minored in Catholic studies, and competed on the track and field team for two years. During this time, I also balanced participation in various clubs, spiritual life, and campus involvement events.

My extensive extracurricular involvement often left me overwhelmed, causing my priorities to become misaligned and my identity to drift away from the Lord. Throughout college, my relationship with my faith was inconsistent; I was one foot in and one foot out. However, thanks to the support of a FOCUS missionary on campus and a few virtuous friends, I realized that nothing surpassed the value of an intimate bond with Jesus Christ. When I came to understand that my identity was rooted in Jesus, my life transformed for the better. I learned to see and love myself as God does, which enabled me to love others more deeply as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Throughout my college years, a professor imparted a piece of wisdom that has profoundly influenced my perspective: “What you receive as a gift, give as a gift.” This principle has become a cornerstone in my outlook on life. Embracing this mentality, I feel deeply passionate about accompanying students on their spiritual journeys as they cultivate their unique relationships with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that the Lord will use me as His instrument during my time as a FOCUS missionary to provide support and authentic friendship to students by fostering an environment of trust and openness so they can discover and embrace their spiritual identities, empowering them to live authentically and purposefully in accordance with their faith.

Your Impact

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa

The Lord has placed upon my heart a steadfast calling to accompany and support students in their faith journeys on college campuses. This mission is not just mine; it is a shared endeavor with the Church to proclaim the Kingdom of God and make disciples of all nations. Upon accepting the call to become a FOCUS missionary, I committed to relying on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to guide me through this journey. I am thrilled not only to embark on this mission but also to share it with you. Your prayers and generosity are invaluable blessings that make this mission possible.

If you are interested in partnering with me to spread the Gospel to college students, I would love to talk with you! It would be an honor to schedule an appointment and share in this mission with you!

Phone: (630) 486-8312

Email: [email protected]

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