Robert Budzius

“The devotion of one man had given strength and courage to all.” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Where I serve

I will serve in the illustrious state of Denver Colorado, at the Auraria Campuses. This is a wonderful gift to receive, and I would love for you to join me!

My Story

Breathing the air of the culture in high school I became very consumed by success and the party scene. My senior year of high school was when I began to think about what I would do for my life. I didn’t want to go to college because I had no indication of what I wanted to do. From high school and the year after, the Lord began to really move my heart towards Himself. I started to think about my death and what I would be known for. What would my life be like? I toyed with the thoughts of different occupations, the possibility of having a family, and things that I could do. None of these were very satisfying. It was only when I looked at the lord on judgment day to say, “I will follow you; it is you who I want.” From this, the Lord entered more and more into my life. I began to go to daily mass and pray in font of the blessed sacrament. During this time, a priest at my parish introduced me to the possibility of a priestly vocation: to serve the lord in Holy Orders. I then entered into seminary and was there for four years, finishing with a bachelors degree in philosophy. After graduation, there were some interior inconsistencies that, with the help of my vocation director, I decided to step out of seminary to continue to see where the Lord is working. After a year of working at a parish, I was led into this FOCUS mission.

Now that I am a first-year missionary, the Lord has shared his heart for the lost sheep—those students who are away from their parents and making their own decisions. What we see in today’s world is that those decisions they are making don’t involve the Church; for some, it also means not choosing a life of virtue. Face it, if virtue was easy, I’m sure the world would be a lot different from what we see.

This next year, I am excited to storm the Denver campuses with the joy of THE good news! I want to be like Christ in His invitation to Peter when he asks to get into his boat, to enter into these students’ lives, their joys and sorrows.

I am interested in reading and good movies. I also enjoy playing sports and doing things with others, as well as delighting in others’ presence.

Your Impact

Firstly, I will need your prayers! I firmly believe that this is the apex of all life, especially intercessory prayer, which the Lord loves! Secondly, this mission wouldn’t be possible without financial support. The financial gift will be my “daily bread.” I will get to encounter students by providing them with a meal, coffee, or other activities through your gift. These two things are the armor and bedrock I can lean on during mission. Being sent out into the wilderness I can rely on your prayers and the gift you support me with.

This mission is so important for young students. This world is as connected as it has ever been, yet it is also more flooded than it was during Noah’s time with loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Will you join me in watching the Lord conquer our hearts with his tender love?


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