Ryan Von Hoene

Hey! My name is Ryan. I’m a FOCUS missionary!

Where I serve

For my first year of mission, I have the honor of serving at California State University Northridge! As a kid from Kansas, I am stoked to experience a whole new place and all the people I will encounter in need of the Gospel. I am so excited to lead men back into their hearts and encourage a genuine encounter with beauty itself in the person of Jesus Christ!  Please keep my teammates and I in your prayers!

My Story

Growing up, I was raised in a good Catholic family, but I found myself going through the motions, thinking that was all there was to being in a relationship with Jesus.  For most of college at Wichita State, I found myself living a double life, I was two faced. Living the secular world while keeping up the appearances of being Catholic.  I thought that if I had my life together to get what I wanted and kept just enough of a relationship with Jesus, I would be happy.  I found myself empty and searching.

I was a senior studying health science and preparing to apply to PA school.  I was jarred by the words of a focus missionary telling his testimony.  He said that his senior year he had his dream job locked in and was ready to start when he suddenly realized that he did not know God.  He said that he “was almost a slave to the life I thought I wanted.”  I was pierced and knew that I had to do something about this.  He introduced me to discipleship, and the way of the heart through following the trailheads of desire which all lead back to Jesus.

I realized that the joy and beauty I was seeking in life is found in a deeply intimate relationship with Jesus Christ! I chose to work for a year after graduation to grow in my relationship with the Lord and better discern the path He was leading me to.  I realized that the longings of my heart were for adventure, battle, and beauty.  I found that I could live all of this out in the most epic way as missionary for Him! Taking a chance, I applied and I have never looked back.  Jesus is Lord!

Your Impact

In answering this call, I have made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me in this mission.  If you are interested in partnering with me to bring the hope of Jesus to college students please let me know of the best way to reach you!  I can schedule an appointment to meet with you. I would be honored to have you on this mission with me!

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