Savannah Fontenot

“I have come to set the world on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!”

Luke 12:49

Where I serve

The Lord has called me from Louisiana to serve at Mississippi State University! I am so excited to encounter Christ in the people of Starkville, Mississippi!


My Story

Growing up in a devout Catholic home, going into the college culture was a bit of a shock for me. I remember not knowing where I would fit in or if I could find people who wanted the same things I did. It was the first week of class during my sophomore year when Darby Wilson, a FOCUS missionary, welcomed me into the Catholic community at ULL. Ragin’ Cajun Catholics became a home away from home for me, and it was there that I fell more in love with Jesus and His Church. Through FOCUS discipleship and Bible studies, I was formed more deeply in the Church teachings while being invested in by Darby through authentic friendship.

Since high school and all through college I found that my heart came more alive when serving the Lord. I went on multiple mission trips to foreign countries, and I was convinced I was made to be a missionary for Christ. However, it wasn’t until I went on a FOCUS mission trip to the beautiful country of Tanzania where I felt called to join FOCUS. The Lord invited me to not only serve the physically poor, but also the spiritually poor…those who do not know Jesus and His love for them. My heart could not ignore the fact that there are thousands of college students longing to know Who their heart was made for.

It is an honor and privilege to get to walk with whoever the Lord entrusts to me at Mississippi State! I cannot wait to be changed by those I encounter.

Your Impact

Though not everyone is called to leave their homes to serve people in foreign lands, or in my case, Starkville, Mississippi, we are all called to be on mission in some way! It is through the generosity of our faithful Mission Partners that this mission is possible. I would be honored for you to join my financial support team and be on mission with me!

If you feel called to join my support team, please reach out. I would love to schedule an appointment with you to tell you more about the mission of FOCUS!

You can reach me @[email protected] or give me a call!

Please pray for me and my team!

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