Trevor and Mackenzie Barreca

Hello! We are Trevor and Mackenzie Barreca, and we are blessed to serve as missionaries with FOCUS. We have come to know the fullness of life found in Jesus Christ and His Church and are giving ourselves to share that with people who are in need of His saving power. We invite you to join us in this mission!

Where We serve

We are entering our sixth year with FOCUS as a missionary family. Trevor serves as a Regional Director with FOCUS in the South Area, working from the FOCUS Support Center in Denver, Colorado where he collaborates with leaders across the organization. As a regional director he gives himself to the service of our missionaries at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia College and State University, Kennesaw State University, Georgia Southern University, and the College of Charleston, inspiring and directing them to share the love of Jesus Christ with the thousands of students they will touch. Mackenzie serves as a full-time mom to Evelyn, Xavier, and our newest child due in October. It is a gift to us both to serve this apostolate and continue to seek to proclaim Christ to a world desperately in need of His Love. Please listen to our story and consider supporting our mission!

Our Story

“It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; he is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you.” – St. John Paul II

Trevor’s story – God gave me my life through my two loving parents, who welcomed me into a wonderful family filled with faith and love. As faithful as my upbringing was to teaching me who God is and what He invites us into, I still became filled with many doubts and frustrations as I tried to grasp at who I was. As I entered college, I began to rely heavily on the approval of others to validate my identity. From that place, I was narrowly focused on what made me happy, what helped me succeed, what boosted my reputation- to the exclusion of truly asking the bigger questions of life: Who am I? What was I made to do? What is my mission or aim in life? How can I give myself away?

It was at this point in my life that I became involved with FOCUS – and God used a missionary at Missouri State to help me to start to ask those bigger questions, pray intentionally every day, and live from my identity as a Son of a Heavenly Father, redeemed by His Son. After a while of living from this place, I was invited into mission – reaching those in my fraternity, in my organizations, and throughout campus with the message of the Gospel.

By my senior year, I met my beautiful wife Mackenzie and we began to date. In that same semester, I accepted an offer to serve with FOCUS and continue the work I had begun in college as a student. Mackenzie and I became engaged in March 2019, and upon graduation we were sent by FOCUS to the University of Oklahoma to serve as missionaries.

Our story – We got married February 22, 2020 towards the end of Trevor’s first year on campus. We gave birth to our daughter Evelyn a little over a year later, and Trevor became the Team Director at the University of Oklahoma while Mackenzie transitioned into an affiliate role on campus. In January of 2023, our son Xavier was born in our final semester at the OU. After four years in Norman, Oklahoma, we moved to Denver, Colorado in the summer of 2023 to continue to say yes to God within FOCUS.

Your Impact

Our family has remained committed to giving ourselves radically to the Church through being full-time missionaries. We are only able to be serving with the capacity we do because of the financial and prayerful support of people who provide for us. Every year, God has not failed to help us to see how faithful He is to us by moving His Holy Spirit in the hearts of all of our mission partners. If you want to be a part of our story, our mission, and the ongoing conversion of this generation’s hearts and minds through FOCUS, we want to talk to you! You can reach us through phone at 573-205-3227 or by email at [email protected]. We would rejoice to be running together in this mission!

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