Abby Pressgrove

“We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28

Where I serve

I’m grabbing a warm coat and heading up to serve at Dickinson State University in North Dakota!

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My Story

In my decision to play softball at Benedictine College, I never could have imagined all the Lord had in store for me! My sophomore year Intro to Theology class made me start asking the big life questions: Is the Christian God real? Is He really a part of my every day life? Does He actually love me and care about the way I live my life? I began to pray about it, then became convinced of the love of God and my need for Him in my life. I decided to begin going to Mass on Sundays and my team’s Bible study to see where God was leading me. The following year I decided to go through RCIA classes to learn more about the Catholic faith, be baptized, and join the Church.

God worked a lot in my life during that time. One of the most impactful experiences however was going to a FOCUS conference called SEEK. This is a conference for college students that includes speakers, prayer, and Mass. The conference allowed me to reflect on different aspects of my life while also witnessing many people my age worshiping God. I left with a strong desire on my heart to be a missionary when I graduate. I became really close with the FOCUS missionaries on my campus. I then began to lead my team’s Bible study and became very involved with FOCUS. The call to mission never left my heart. I’m so excited to work with athletes to glorify God’s name!

Your Impact

In order to say yes to God’s call to mission, I have committed to trust in mission partners both prayerfully and financially during my time with FOCUS. I’d love to have you join me on mission! If you’re interested, please contact me! Your generosity is very appreciated!

Thank you!! (785) 506-7346 or [email protected]

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