Alli Kalina

Hi, my name is Alli and I am a parish missionary! 

Thank you for checking out my support page! You can scroll down below to hear a little bit about my story and how I decided to return to the missionary life with FOCUS this year 🙂

Where I serve

I am beginning my first year at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in Windsor, Colorado!

My Story

I am from Duluth, Minnesota and was born and raised in a Lutheran family. In fifth grade I started attending a Catholic elementary school where I encountered the love of Christ in Eucharistic adoration. So many seeds were planted during my time at this Catholic school that I couldn’t ignore down the road. My freshmen year of college at George Washington University, I decided to start RCIA (a class where you learn about the Catholic faith and discern entering the Church). I had LOTS of questions about the Church but thanks to my amazing campus minister and FOCUS missionaries, I was able to give my life to the Lord and enter the Catholic Church my freshmen year. After my time at GW, I felt the Lord calling me to live radically for him by becoming a FOCUS campus missionary. I served at Murray State University for 2 years and Lord blessed me abundantly during that time. As my second year came to a close, I felt a tug on my heart to do high school ministry. A question I heard time and time again on campus was “why didn’t I know these things sooner?” And so in 2021 I accepted a job in Southeast Denver as a High School Youth Minister. I spent the past 3 years walking alongside some amazing high schoolers and really saw so much beauty and openness in their desire to know the Lord. Coming full circle, I am now so excited to be serving as a FOCUS Parish Missionary where I hope to serve the wider parish community and help families come together to know and love the Lord!

Your Impact

My 3 years working in parish life were eye-opening! I saw a community hungry to know, love, and serve the Lord but with little guidance and tools to get there. I really believe that FOCUS will change the parish. I am excited to love the parish I am placed at and for them to truly become family.

Please pray for me and my husband as we embark on this amazing adventure!

If you are interested in supporting us as we begin on this mission, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]!


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