Jacob Benne

Hello! I am Jacob Benne and I am excited to serve as a FOCUS Missionary.

Where I serve

For the coming year I will be serving at St. Francis University a Franciscan University in Loretto, PA.

My Story

Hi! My path to becoming a FOCUS missionary has been influenced by many people, but really started with my parents and family and the love for Christ they instilled in me. Throughout my life growing up I was encouraged to discover more about my faith and sought opportunities to do so such as through High School Youth group or attending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland in 2016.

When I went to college at Creighton University in 2017, I realized that I had to make the faith my own and got involved with different Catholic organizations on campus such as the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Students Organization. I grew in my faith through these experiences, but wound up struggling to develop a consistent prayer life to grow closer to Christ through. I especially struggled through COVID and after graduating and entering the workforce while working at KPMG. I was still attending Mass and praying infrequently, but knew Christ was calling me to a deeper relationship with Him.

Luckily, right about this time two great things happened. 1. The Archdiocese of Omaha began a Young Adults group that I became involved with and 2. I moved in with the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) FOCUS missionaries (Jacob Bednar and Derek Shaheen). Through both of these experiences, I was able to see the importance of relationship with Christ not only in my life, but of those I encountered. I truly saw that joy and hope in life comes from Christ and not through any action a person can do. Through this recognition I began to long for a more fulfilling career and with the example of my roommates I decided to apply for and eventually accept a job as a FOCUS missionary. I hope to through this mission lead others to relationship with Christ and recognize where true Joy and peace in life come from!


Your Impact

Through the support of this mission your impact will be felt by students across the campus. In supporting the mission you are helping students recognize that Authentic friendship and living their faith boldly are the easiest ways to bring both themself and those they encounter closer to Christ. College is the time when we begin to decide for ourselves what kind of life we want to lead. I believe that through FOCUS mission of making missionary disciples we can impact the next generation of men and women as they enter into their vocations and jobs!

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