Kevin Mackesy

IMG 2031 3“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

Where I serve

I currently serve at the University of Southern California where I am blessed with the opportunity to reach others through sincere relationships and a reflective offering of Christ’s heart, as I walk with others toward sanctity. Igniting the hearts of all I encounter through the witness and exuding love I’ve experienced from missionaries in my life, I will bring these fruits to others through presence as I nurture the heart of our Lord in every facet of mission. If nothing else, I will be a witness to the faith and a positive encounter whose shared experience and sympathetic approach will strive to heal the wounds and brokenness left behind by past struggles, so as to be indwelt by our Lord’s love. IMG 2034

My Story

I found a deeper love of the faith in college through a devotion to the sacraments and our lady, introduced to me by loving friends who cared deeply for my soul. Their commitment to me and raw witness was an invitation to a life of constant growth and virtue that has transformed my heart in ways indescribable in words. The need for the nurturing presence of Christ’s love is vital, especially in an environment and culture whose tendencies crave superficial relationships and foster a lack of care for others. This is ever-present in the faction communities on campus, where I dive fully into the center of the brokenness guided by the light of the Holy Spirit to bring them into a life of greater purpose and to introduce them to the person they yearn to be, as I offer students into this lifestyle and mimic the reflection of Christ’s heart, I will maintain a presence combatting spiritual fatigue through devotional love of Christ and a deeper desire to the sacraments.

If we work especially hard and are extremely kind amazing things will happen, as we are all living examples of God’s grace and love incarnate. Please allow yourselves to foster inclusion and growth with each individual and be reflective of this love and sincerity. Our love will conquer all difficulties, challenges, and hardships if we learn to place others first. By doing everything with full intention and effort, I implore all my potential and current mission partners to live for others and keep an open heart, nurture Christ’s presence in everything they do, and constantly invite others into this pursuit. Please lend a hand and assist me in reaching my fundraising goal by showing your support with a monthly donation and prayers. The importance of mission support goes beyond financial assistance, your support allows me to pursue bonds with others as we illuminate the darkened path guided by the burning hearts of those seeking Christ.

Your Impact


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I’m extremely blessed to have been granted access to the generous souls of my mission partners, whose gracious donations grant me entry into spaces where I can touch the hearts and experience amazing people daily. as I rely solely on the spiritual and financial support of those willing to help me through my mission, All donations allow me to fulfill the desires placed on my heart by the Lord and assist me to pour out all I have to the amazing people I’m privileged to encounter. I would love the opportunity to share a more in-depth testimony with all who are interested in becoming my mission partner and supporting me so I may fulfill my vocation. I’d love the opportunity to speak to everyone personally who read my devotion and am looking forward to fulfilling God’s works together. 


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